Lowland Whisky Region Map


The Flora and Fauna collection features whiskies from two Lowland distilleries, including Bladnoch, the most southerly in Scotland. Whilst production of Bladnoch was halted in 1993 before the distillery was sold in 1994, existing stock allowed for bottling through to 2001. In contrast, the Rosebank distillery was mothballed in 1993 with the 1991 F&F release of Rosebank the distillery’s last bottling. This last bottling status, combined with Rosebank’s relative scarcity amongst the F&F whiskies, has resulted in Rosebank F&F becoming particularly sought after. As of 2017 the intellectual property rights to Rosebank have been sold, with the new owners intending to build a new distillery.

Lowland malts are typically lighter with a soft body that allows a distinctive fresh herbaceous, grassy and even citrus flavour profile to emanate. These characteristics are apparent in these Lowland F&F releases.