Teaninich Distillery was founded in 1817 by Hugh Munro on his estate of Teaninich Castle. It remained in Munro’s family until 1904 when current leaseholder Robert Innes Cameron tool over the distillery completely. On his death in 1933, the distillery was sold to Scottish Malt Distillers. Scottish Malt Distillers was a subsidiary of The Distillers Company which became part of United Distillers in 1987, leading to the Teaninich Flora & Fauna release.

  • Teaninich 10 Years

    Teaninich 10 Years

    Highland ABV 43%
  • Teaninich 1997 – 21 Years

    Teaninich 1997 – 21 Years

    Highland ABV 52.8%