Royal Brackla

    Built in 1812 by Captain William Fraser of Brackla House on the estate of Cawdor Castle, The Brackla distillery was selected by King William IV to be his whisky at the Royal Court and in 1833 became first whisky distillery to be granted a Royal Warrant by order of the King. This made Royal Brackla one of only three distilleries to bear the name ‘Royal’.

    The distillery passed through the Fraser family and was restructured several times until John Mitchel and James Leith of Aberdeen acquired the distillery in 1919 and sold it to John Bisset & Co Ltd in 1926. It was taken over by the Distillers Company Ltd (DCL) in 1943, which was acquired by Guinness in 1986. The distillery closed in 1985, but casks continued maturing on site. Guinness merged Distillers Company with Arthur Bell & Sons in 1987 to form United Distillers, which led to the Royal Brackla F&F release after reopening in 1991 following six years of closure.

  • Royal Brackla 10 Years

    Royal Brackla 10 Years

    Highland ABV 43%