Glen Spey

    Glen Spey distillery started as the ‘Mill of Rothes’, an oatmeal mill built in 1878 by James Stuart. Distillery equipment was added as Stuart expended into whisky production before the the distillery was sold to W&A Gilbey in 1887.

    W&A Gilbey merged with United Wine Traders Ltd to form International Distillers and Vintners (IDV) in 1962. During 1972, IDV was bought by British brewer Watney Mann, which was acquired 6 months later by Grand Metropolitan. In 1997 W&A Gilbey was included in Grand Metropolitan’s merger with Guinness to form Diageo which lead to the Glen Spey F&F release in 2001, followed by the Reserve Cask Private Collection release in 2019.

  • Glen Spey 12 Years

    Glen Spey 12 Years

    Speyside ABV 43%
  • Glen Spey 1990 – 28 Years

    Glen Spey 1990 – 28 Years

    Speyside ABV 45.1%