The most southerly whisky distillery in Scotland, Bladnoch Distillery was founded in 1817 by John and Thomas McClelland. The distillery grew under almost a century of ownership by the McClelland family, before Wm Dunville & Co. Ltd took over in 1911 and continued production until 1937.

    Production resumed in 1957 when the distillery reopened under new ownership, but it would change hands several more times until 1983 when it was purchased by Arthur Bell & Sons which would become United Distillers in 1987 leading to production of the Flora and Fauna bottling in 1991. Despite Bladnoch Distillery being mothballed in 1993, bottling of Flora and Fauna continued from stock until 2001, which is why its market price remains lower than other similarly mothballed F&F whiskies.

    Bladnoch distillery was acquired by Raymond and Colin Armstrong in 1994 and production resumed in 2000. It was subsequently sold to David Prior in 2015.

  • Bladnoch 10 Years

    Bladnoch 10 Years

    Lowland ABV 43%