Located in Mulben, Banffshire, Auchroisk distillery was founded 1972. It was commissioned by International Distillers & Vintners, owned by Grand Metropolitan which merged with Guinness in 1997 to form Diageo. Auchroisk was renamed The Singleton in 1986, but  returned to its original name with the bottling of the Auchroisk 10 Year in 2001 as part of Diageo’s 2001 Flora & Fauna release.

    Auchroisk distillery sources its water from Dorie’s Well, which provides particularly soft water having risen through granite and passed through sandstone.

  • Auchroisk 10 Years

    Auchroisk 10 Years

    Speyside ABV 43%
  • Auchroisk 1990 – 28 Years

    Auchroisk 1990 – 28 Years

    Speyside ABV 51.5%